Friday, 4 November 2011

Soon to be Christmas!

Hello again readers! As I am sure you are aware, Christmas is approaching us! I love this time of year and Christmas is my favourite part! Opening the presents that you have been longing to see and spending time with your family. What's better then that, eh?

Also, when Christmas comes, cosy Christmas fashion comes with it! I hope you all enjoy looking at these cosy Christmas clothes I have selected! :)
River Island £35.00
River Island £40.00

New Look £44.99

I hope you like my selection of clothes!  

Amber xxxxxxxxx

New Look £64.99

New Look £26.99


  1. I love although them especially the boots!!

    much love

  2. I know, the boots are really lovely x Thank you for your post!
    Amber xx

  3. Love the river island jumpers!!
    Ulla <3