Thursday, 3 November 2011

my mind is a warrior..

Hello anyone is out there in the world reading this blog post. I am loving sluggish jumpers, and recently I brought one from New Look for £17 here is a image of it:
I love to wear this with my black velvet trousers I got from Next. That adds to the comfy feeling. (: I really love winter clothing, it is my favourite time of the year to dress up in warm, lovely clothes. I am a major scarf and hat lover and I literally will not go without one or the other. 

I am going to start writing blog post's more often because I do enjoy writing a lot myself. And I get all this creativity from reading tonnes of books! I can get through the whole twilight saga in one month, whereas my sister will get through one book in one YEAR. 

I will now tell you a bit about me. My name is Amber, I am 13 years old living in the busy suburbs of London. I have a love for books (as you can see) and Ed Sheeran. I have a best friend and sister called Aimee who also has a blog on here. (: I love to do creative writing and can often make my friends wet themselves with laughter. 

Well I hope you like my post, comment and click follow if you have the time ;)



  1. Very nice blog Amber I like your set out. I will be a keen follower and I hope you can follow my blog too!

  2. Thank you Aimee and I will certainly follow you! :)